Your website is a sales machine.

Treat it like one. Unleash the potential of your overseas audience by supercharging your SEO.

A different breed of search engine optimization

Why choose me for your SEO?

You’ve been struggling to attract tourists, while the competitor across the street has a line out the door. Why is that? You aren’t speaking their language. We create the messaging you need to stand out and get your business in front of potential customers online.

– SEO in English is also done in Italian, by a native language speaker
– Not just translation, but translation with true SEO optimization
– Business goal driven – I track new leads and sales in addition to traffic
– Designed to fit your unique business needs, no generic advice
– Worked with all sizes of companies with varying budgets
– Recognized on Clutch, Upwork, Google Business Profile and Linkedin
– You can’t find this level of English SEO in Italy done for a better price
– Seo service coverage you’d expect from an seo agency with less cost

Brands I work with

SEO Consultancy Services

Bilingual Website Audit

We check your site for algorithmic strengths and weaknesses in English AND Italian.

Technical SEO

Making sure your website code is sound on the backend is a crucial part of the puzzle.

Local SEO

Engage people already close to your business and create more sales and foot traffic.

Website Development

Responsive, fast, mobile friendly websites are the best way to serve your visiting clients.

SEO Copywriting

Translated copy from Italian to English will be 70% as good. Is it worth the risk to your brand?

UX/CRO Audit

Powerful conversion rate optimization helps you convert more traffic and generate more profit.

Content Marketing

Your content should be planned out to be redistributable and deliver organic traffic growth.

Google Analytics Audit & Setup

Knowing what metrics to track that are important to your business will help you save money.

What SEO does for your business in 2023:

  • Attract local customers that otherwise don’t know you
  • Save money by offsetting the cost of acquisition
  • High-yield channel with elite return on investment
  • Get higher quality leads as your main source of traffic
  • 24/7 promotion, day and night with no downtime
  • Compete against bigger companies
  • Works hand in hand with social media, email and PPC
  • Helps people trust you and boosts brand credibility
  • Traffic is relevant, interested and highly targetable
  • Not impacted by economic conditions like inflation
  • Get insight on market demand and customer intent
  • Better user experience = Happy customers

What is an SEO Consultant?

What is an SEO consultant, anyways?

An SEO consultant is a type of marketer that has the technical skill to help your website be shown on the first page of Google for keywords valuable to your business. This isn’t the only way to define an SEO consultant however, as their abilities need to reach across a wide variety of areas besides search engine optimization. The best SEO consultants have developed soft skills in addition to technical SEO, as communication, creativity and teamwork are just as important.

SEO or marketing consultants take a different approach over an SEO agency, as they are a specialized, dedicated service instead of retainer based.  Oltremare provides the travel and accommodation industry in Italy with a full spectrum SEO consulting service, which is a crucial part of your digital marketing strategy. Your website will be picked apart and optimized piece by piece, starting with the homepage all the way down the last URL.

Oltremare SEO Consulting will hand you the playbook (or execute everything) to fix technical SEO issues, clean up your index, direct on-page and off-page optimization, and even create a bespoke content strategy just for your business.

I’m sure you’re wondering, how much will an SEO consultant cost me? This is a common question in Italy, and prices start on average €750 per month. 

Customers are searching online.

Will they find you, or the competitor across the street?

Less overhead,
more experience.

I live in Rome and work with Italian businesses just like yours. With 7 years experience in SEO, marketing, graphic design and web development,  you can trust we know our stuff.

Less management,
more output.

Marketing & SEO are time consuming.  You need to stop wasting time and energy in a field you’re not an expert in. Oltremare handles it all for you at a fair price.

Less commitment,
more time.

Why sign a long contract before you know what you’re getting? Oltremare doesn’t have you sign any contract until after the first month. Then you decide.


Return on investment

Our goal is to turn every dollar you invest into three and beyond.


Increase in traffic

Organic traffic means consistent and free leads, keeping your acquisition costs low.


Double qualified leads

Focus on the bottom line, stop wasting time on tire kickers and window shoppers.

Native English seo & editing

An experienced SEO Consultant

An experienced SEO consultant like me brings to the table a decade’s worth of SEO knowledge, as well as the diligence to study the technology and tactics needed to keep up with the ever-changing internet landscape.

In addition to this, being native english born means you’ll avoid many of the common grammatical errors in addition to understanding how your overseas audience actually speaks. This adds an extra layer of clear communication that is normally lost in translation from Italian to English. 

As a bonus, you won’t have to pay exorbitant American prices to get the same high quality results – we are based out of Rome and charge accordingly.

As your freelance marketing consultant, you can expect to receive a playbook on:

  • Marketing & SEO Strategy
  • Target audience analysis and intent-based keyword research
  • Business aligned goals (KPIs) for growth
  • Digital Architecture sitemap
  • SEO distribution strategy

Oltremare Consulting is dedicated to your business and website needs, and above all ensures your budget and time are well spent. Prioritization is absolutely crucial when it comes to SEO, as there are hundreds of things you could be doing, with only a handful of them that will actually move the needle to get you sales. 

Reach out if you’d like access to my SEO expert services. I provide SEO audits and quotations 24/7, if you want to understand more about the price and potential results please get in touch. 

You can stop asking your family and friends where and how to find a good SEO consultant. I am one of the most respected and known English language SEO consultants in Rome and across Italy, from Positano to Abruzzo and more.

Dolce Vespa case study

The startup scooter business stands tall online among big players.

What are the benefits of hiring an SEO?

If you’re wondering what are the benefits of hiring an SEO consultant there are many. Hiring an SEO consultant generally gives you a higher level of service over using an agency – you get more attention. You’ll get faster responses, analysis and recommendations, and will save your business time and money. 

How long will I need to work with an SEO Specialist?

Most SEO strategies need a commitment of 6-12 months to see tangible (aka sales) results. Traffic and ranking improvements happen first. How long you’ll need to work with an SEO consultant depends on the keywords targeted, how competitive the market is and the available marketing budget that can be dedicated to SEO.

Why do I need to hire an SEO consultant?

The initial thought of a business owner is typically, “I can do this myself”. Very quickly however they realize the sheer breadth of expertise needed to do the job right takes years of SEO testing to hone and perfect. If you’re wondering why you should hire, its because a consultant with a lot of experience will achieve better results than someone less experienced or just knows the basics.

How much does an SEO consultant cost?

Have you ever wondered, how much does an SEO consultant cost in Italy? They charge anywhere from €10 to €120 an hour, depending on their level of expertise. If your business is in a super competitive market or your website is extremely large or complex, the best SEO experts charge upt to €300 a day. 

Why is there such a big price difference between SEOs?

Like with anything in life, you get what you pay for. In the case of SEO consulting, the saying “the more you spend, the less you spend” is very true. Cheap SEO is very likely of bad quality and can end up hurting your website in the long run. Experienced, quality SEO costs more – you’re actually paying for their years of knowledge, not their hours of service.

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